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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Design Project Proposal

DATE: 11/02/2021

TO: [Professor Name]

FROM: [Student Name]

SUBJECT: Major Poster

I’m writing to propose a new idea that would take place in high schools. Over the course of four years that the students are there, they will decide their future major. The STEM field is growing as is the need for more people to fill these roles.

I propose that I create a large poster to catch the attention of these students, and perhaps draw them into the idea of a STEM career. The poster will be eye-catching and colorful, yet simple and informative.

Our target audience being teenagers means that the terms will need to be simple. The goal is to not overwhelm them, but spark their interest. Our audience wants to hear why it is a good idea to choose the STEM path, and will want to hear some incentives. I can include some links to external resources that will give them more in depth information if wanted. I expect the poster to light curiosity within the students, and lead them to researching more into the field.

I appreciate your time,

[Student Name]

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