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Citing Your Sources and Methodology

Research Response Discussion

The style that social workers use to cite their sources is in APA format.

APA stands for the American Psychological Association.

All citation entries should be double spaced.

The way you format your citation depends on what form of publication you are pulling from.

There are online tools you can use to put all the information into and have it cite your source in the correct format.

APA is very detail-oriented but makes it easier for readers to find the sources.

The reference page needs to be in alphabetical order.

One of the suggestions in the tutorial was to compile your reference page as you go instead of waiting until the end to help you stay more organized.

The title page needs to include the title of your paper, your name, your school, the course, the instructor, and the due date.

Because I have been interested in social work for a long time, I feel as though I am pretty familiar with the APA formatting. I did not know that APA formatting helped with achieving a non-biased format and that it was one of the easier citation methods for readers to find the sources you used.

I also was not aware that the order and information you need to put in your citation depending on the type of publication you are using.

I will probably use the online methods of citing my work because then I will know it is in the correct format.

I like the tip on compiling your actual reference page as you go. In my previous classes, I tend to keep the link to the article or website I use, but I don’t write out the citations until the end. I think that doing the actual references will assist me in staying more organized.

I did not know that I would need so much information on the title page. I usually just put my name and the title of my paper.


To gain information for this assignment, I knew that I wanted to find credible sources, so I needed to look at the library and university pages to ensure I am getting the correct information. First I created a google search for “what citation method is used in the social work field” and clicked on the first link %20Guide%2C%20designed,by%20social%20and%20behavioral%20scientists. After looking around, I clicked the back button to go back to the results page. I then clicked on to see what content was on that website. From this website, I clicked on the “APA 7 crash course” tutorial to learn more about citing sources in APA format which gave me the following link After this, I felt I had enough content to do the assignment. Some limitations I found while doing this assignment were that there was a lot of information that was repeated over different websites. I found it difficult to find new information from different websites. I also found that I only clicked on a couple of the resources that pulled up on the search.



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