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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Hey Students!

This searchable database contains real writing from real SLCC students.

You can use it to understand what your teachers may expect from your writing assignments. You can search it by genre (type of writing) or program (department) by using the filters on the left. Did your philosophy teacher assign you a paper?  Look under “philosophy” to get a sense of what philosophy papers are like.  Do you need to write a proposal?  Search for examples to help get you started.


Each of the assignments in the OCSW has earned an “A” grade from an SLCC instructor.

Does this mean that each one is perfect? No.  This database contains student writing, and students are in the process of learning.  But, each assignment was considered worthy of an “A” evaluation. Not all SLCC instructors will agree that each one is an “A,” but that’s the reality of writing.


Everyone should expect image

Using the OCSW is NOT cheating.

Obviously, you cannot copy an assignment from the OCSW and turn it in as your own. That’s plagiarism.  But, you can and should use it as a resource to help you understand what you can do with your writing assignments.  If you find good information in here and want to cite it, click on the “Use and Citation” link to learn how to do it ethically.


Submit your own writing when you’re ready.

If you find that the OCSW is useful, then consider “paying it forward” and submitting your own assignments that have earned  “A” grades. You’ll receive a Certificate of Acceptance showing that your work is included in this collection of excellent SLCC student writing. It looks great on a resume or an application for college or a scholarship!


By accessing or using any part of this site, you agree to not download, copy, or otherwise plagiarize its contents in any way.

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